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A Pre-listening Guide to Make the Most of Subliminal Messages



Subliminal Messages

Have you ever been at a juncture in your life where everything seems to have come to a stop? A point where you feel you’re not growing anymore, rather whatever is happening is a downgrade?

Well, you’re not alone! And such phases are common in all of our lives. What’s important is, how quickly you recover and choose to stand up and face life again! And for that, you require something more than just therapy!

Subliminal messages might help you to tackle such phases efficiently. Whether it’s your social anxiety disabling you from speaking your mind, or depression that’s pulling you down, these affirmative messages combined with the right audio can strike the right notes effectively!

Let’s get into the details now!

How Do Subliminal Messages Work?

Subliminal messages are nothing but simple affirmations and recommendations. Often, these messages come combined with subtle and soothing background music.

So positive affirmations equipped with subtle background help imprint these messages in your subconscious, helping you gradually overcome your hurdles.

For example, you have a social anxiety issue. And for that, your fear of speaking publicly has worsened with time. Switching to subliminal messaging therapy will help you gain confidence. It will also work on decreasing your anxiety levels so that you can successfully cope with such issues in due course.

The Working Process…

Subliminal messages work best when they are played below the natural conscious levels. Typically, the affirmations are masked under various soothing sounds of nature. These constant sounds of waterfall, rainfall, or ocean sounds, help keep the subconscious aware, while simultaneously triggering it with positive and motivational affirmations.

The reason that such messages are played below the average decibel levels is very simple. Our subconscious registers many things unknowingly. But what registers the most are the things that our conscious mind often struggles to concentrate on!

Playing the samples at below-average decibel levels triggers the subconscious (and not at all in an aggressive way!) and makes it gather any kind of information that hits it. This is the very mechanism that subliminal messages and audio work upon!

Prepare Yourself Before Plunging Into Subliminals!

Now that you know about subliminal messages and how they work, let’s move on and take a look at how to prepare yourself before starting the therapy…

1. Stay Consistent In Your Approach

Subliminal messages are not incantations that can change you or your temperament overnight. It takes time like every good thing does! So, staying consistent in your approach to hearing subliminal messages is the most important thing for you.

So, either make it your daily routine or prepare a definite weekly schedule and stick to it diligently. You will gradually be able to see the difference within yourself!

2. Don’t Give Up On Patience!

Subliminal messages can take weeks, or even several months to work! But then again, it all depends on how consistent you are. Therefore, even if you think nothing’s happening, don’t give up abruptly on the mid-way! Because results are gradual.

So, no matter how much time-consuming it might seem, don’t give up on two things- patience, and hope! Remember what Andy Duphresne said long back in the ‘94 classic Shawshank Redemption- “Hope is a good thing… and no good thing ever dies!”

3. Develop A Cozy Setting/ Ambience

For subliminal messages to work properly, you need to sit with a relaxed mind and have a supporting ambiance. This is because as long as the environment around you is not settled or peaceful, you cannot concentrate on such subtle affirmations and music.

And if you’re inattentive while listening to the subliminal samples, well, it won’t work! The main aim of subliminal music and these positive affirmations is to hit your subconscious. Hence, if you or your ambience isn’t allowing that, you’ll be left with zero results!

To Conclude

You might stumble upon articles and blog posts about the working principle of subliminal messages having no science-backed evidence. But, you’ll also find posts where people have shared their positive experiences after using these samples and affirmations.

So, this is how you make the most out of subliminal messages to get rid of your stress and maximize your personal growth!

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