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5 Effective tips to reduce screen time and find balance



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Living in the digital era and expecting to not use mobile phones and limit screen time? For real? Especially when you know that now half of the population’s work relies on the use of these devices. Be it doing office-related work or finishing off research for academic purposes.

Playing games or shopping around. Reserving an airline ticket to a cab for a ride. You simply can not exclude the use of tech from your daily routine. It has seeped down so well that to cut it off entirely would be nothing but naivety.

These all were the unavoidable work that we can barely have a say in trimming down to reduce screentime. What affects heavily our screen time is the time we spend consuming entertainment. Although there is nothing wrong with watching shows or movies that can lighten your mood.

People are seen exploiting popular streaming platforms like Hulu that are restricted outside the USA. but still, they do their homework and find a way How Can I Watch Hulu in India and in any other region without any hassle.

The need to monitor our screen time arises because if we do not, then we can face adverse effects in the form of constant fatigue, digital eye strain, back and neck problems and even obesity is the common and ever-increasing issue of obesity and depression in youngsters.

So, if you are now inclined to cut off or reduce your screentime, but wondering how then fret not, we are here to help you out and bring you on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Monitor Your Screen Time

Throughout the pandemic, many grown-ups operated from the house journeyed less, did not eat out as much, and bowed to their screens more frequently to remain interconnected. But nowadays when things are unplugging again, it may be the right time to take a hoard of your on-screen moment and set screen boundaries.

Cell phones now have screen time exercises that enable you to curb everyday usage and make changes, such as establishing use limits for social media apps. If you put a boundary, you’ll get a screen message saying your period is up.

You can take back possession of your screen time by limiting how much time you are spending in front of the screen for things other than work or academics and replace any excessive use with on-screen activity, such as going out for a stroll or a trek.

Number of Screens

If you are habitual in watching multiple screens at once, then you need to look up the habit and change it because it can pose serious threats to your health. Resulting in cognitive and eye strain and loss of focus. By referring to multiple screens, we mean to say that if you are sitting in a room looking at your television screen but simultaneously using your phone, or working on your laptop.

Therefore, either limit your usage or place the two devices in different spaces or rooms.

Take Regular Breaks And Stretch

Screen time can make you stay glued to your seats. Therefore, you must take the necessary intervals and hop on for a small stroll or a time to stretch your muscles. Whether you are a student or an adult, both need to take a certain time out.

If you are bound because of the office, then you can consider doing chair yoga. This allows you to remain at your screen and pull your muscles.

Go Outmoded

Even though this is a digital age most of the work is done digitally whether on laptops or mobile phones. But this doesn’t mean that you can not opt for old-school methods. There are still certain activities that you can do offline.

For instance, instead of using a notepad to note down important points, use traditional pen and paper. And you don’t always need to attend a Zoom meeting to gather intricate info or discuss things. You can rather make use of a phone call that can even ease your eye strain. By switching these kinds of little chores you can see a clear difference in your routine.

Screens Out of Bedrooms

The common mistake that is made by almost every other person, and that is putting big screens in their bedrooms. Not knowing that the radiation that is emitted from phones and TV screens can hurt you. And the continuous usage of it can significantly disrupt your sleep.

Many people complain about a bad sleep cycle or insomnia, this is because we have failed to curb the screentime in our routines.

Wrapping Up

 Limiting your screen time is actually a healthy practice that can lead you to a more refreshed state and energize you to perform your tasks more effectively than ever. Although the use of these gadgets is mandatory and cannot be entirely avoided we can always take baby steps to curb the situation beforehand.

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